Servicers can upload their portfolios to RES.NET, which creates a multi-tiered hierarchy for every component of the liquidation process. The REO Portal helps servicers remain compliant while maximizing productivity to most effectively liquidate distressed assets. The customizable interface allows users to define access levels for all users, configure task timelines and create modifiable documents.


Define the responsible party and due dates for each task and let RES.NET keep every person you are connected to on track and accountable. Tasks can be accessed on your dashboard, in work queues and reports and are directly sent to the e-mail address in the user profile, ensuring that action items are executed as quickly as possible.

  • Manage and complete tasks personally or delegate task completion to other users in your organization
  • Dashboard and task queues keep all action items organized
  • The integrated calendar automatically inserts outstanding tasks to each user’s schedule
  • RES.NET tracks task due dates and notifies you when a task is due, late or completed
Electronic Signature
Electronic Signature

RES.NET’s e-signature capabilities enable each user to send sign, and store documents securely in the cloud. By coupling RES.NET’s document storage and sharing capabilities with the e-sign feature, you are able to save time and money by making the first steps toward creating a paperless office.

  • Legally e-sign documents from any device
  • Eliminate the need for faxing and mailing documents
  • Receive signatures from all parties to which you are connected within minutes
Document Sharing

Communicate and share documents with all parties throughout the life of the transaction with RES.NET. Upload and organize your documents using our cloud-based technology and easily send them to parties you are connected to for their review.

  • Share documents with online connections that you have created
  • Store an unlimited amount of documents for your transactions without storage fees
  • Create messages with documents already attached for more efficient communication
  • Organize and archive every document for easy access when needed

Keep all communication related to the transaction in one centralized location with RES.NET messaging. Once you have connected to every party, use the message center to send and receive status updates, notification on next steps and share important documents to eliminate communication gaps.

  • Real-time message and communicate between all users managing a file
  • Create an audit trail of all correspondence
  • Receive system-generated messages related to action items that need you attention
  • Eliminate the need for multiple methods of communication

RES.NET streamlines the offer process by allowing you to manage offers online. Close the transaction more quickly by eliminating unnecessary steps and remaining in control of the offer negotiation process.

  • Electronically receive, respond and archive offers
  • Offer Submission Link tool helps drive offers coming from the MLS and other websites into your account
  • Track, review and return the offer contract, and once the offer status is accepted easily share the document for signatures
Approval Engine
Approval Engine

RES.NET’s Approval Engine is a fully customizable, seven level approval request system that ensures your entire team is in compliance by creating a multi-tiered hierarchy for every important component of the liquidation process. The Approval Engine can be configured within your environment by a system administrator, giving you the flexibility to set and change rules and parameters to meet your investor/client guidelines.

  • Use the approval-request escalation matrix for requesting and approving listing terms, listing price changes, counter offers and HUDS
  • Approval-level privileges can be configured to vary based on FMV or property grade
  • Four different approval request types ensure consistency throughout the transaction
  • Provides a clear audit trail for each approval request
Custom Workflow

With RES.NET’s custom tasking, experience the flexibility benefits of custom software – with the cost savings and support benefits of an enterprise solution. Creating your own custom workflows with user defined fields and data elements is as easy as making a phone call to your account manager. And because this functionality is available to you WITHOUT the need for code level changes, new workflows and changes to existing workflows are implemented in hours, not months.

  • Define workflow tasks, reminders and documentation based upon your process
  • Add new fields to capture data on which your organization relies
  • Link custom tasks and fields to create a completely customized workflow
  • Define workflows and make changes quickly without receiving a bill for IT development or relying on code changes and release schedules
Access to Agent Network
Access to Agent Network

RES.NET’s Agent network consists of more than 100,000 registered agents across the U.S. Search for an agent who meets your needs from our database.

  • Access to trained professionals who are eager to work hard to meet your objectives
  • Close communication gaps by connecting with your agents online throughout the entire transaction
  • Create efficiencies by handling all components of the transaction in one centralized location
Access to Vendor Network
Access to Vendor Network

With RES.NET’s Vendor Network, you have full access to approved vendors that are eager to accept orders through the system. If you don’t see a vendor that you always use, invite them to join the community.

  • Stay organized by communicating with vendors through RES.NET
  • Leverage vendor workflow to keep both parties aware of next steps
  • Keeps orders for your properties in one location