The fact is, real estate software providers all offer pretty much the same tools. We believe these features should come standard. The real question is: What else do we have to offer? At RES.NET, we're never satisfied with the status quo. We strive to provide superior service and an intuitive user experience. By promoting efficient, tailor-made solutions we aspire to move the industry forward.


Simply put, RES.NET represents stability. We are not a new startup company that is trying to get bought out at some insanely overvalued price. We have been in business for over two decades. We existed before, during, and after a great recession that was centered around the real estate industry. We have not only weathered the storm over the years, we have excelled and become a company with roughly 50% of the distressed property market share. Our time tested record and place within the industry speak volumes about who we are.

  • Over 20 years in the real estate industry

  • 200+ clients served

  • Over 120 years combined industry experience among our executive staff

  • System has been designed, built, and maintained by real estate industry experts


RES.NET is an enterprise application. What exactly does that mean? It means we have an out of the box product that will cover 99% of your current business needs. However, we all know each client has specific needs and business processes vary. Luckily, enterprise only represents where we begin, not where you end up. All functions are completed without having to rely on development, which means new processes can be added at any time.

  • Define user privileges and system behavior

  • Approval Engine ensures critical milestones are met

  • Utilize preformatted or custom reports to track and compare data

  • Custom Workflow allows users to add new tasks and fields as needed


It is our goal to get our users up and running with as little delay and business impact as possible. While it's entirely true that our competitors can create a fully customized system for you, it is also true that it will take them an immense amount time to develop, test and implement, let alone the internal cost of having your staff dedicate time to define each of your needs beforehand. Once our enterprise system is in place, 99% of a client's needs are taken care of. We can work together to adjust that last 1% as we move forward. This model allows you to keep your most precious resource, time, and save money in the process.

  • Years of experience implementing all client types from large to small

  • Easy data migration with 1 to 1 custom fields

  • Seamless integration with third parties

  • Dedicated staff with single point of contact and personalized training


Once a client has been set up with our standard system, we look forward to working together to tweak that system according to your precise requirements. Doing so requires an exceptional customer service team, which has been the cornerstone of RES.NET from the beginning. We have dedicated account managers and a committed team of customer service representatives who you can call upon to serve your needs. Since each client is not on a separate, stand-alone system, there is no need to compartmentalize our team. This means no matter when you call, you will be able to reach someone who is able to assist you. Our staff knows our business from the inside out and will have no problem addressing your every need.

  • In house support staff

  • Inbound support inquiries audited monthly to ensure optimal resolution and best practices

  • Over 95% of all calls resolved without further assistance necessary

  • Dedicated account manager assigned to every client